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“It was like Camelot. And Dante “Giuseppe” Antonio Pastorini was King. He was royalty, even to his teammates. He could throw a football 80 yards. When he walked into a room, women fell at his feet. He raced cars. He raced boats. He had a big heart. And he was one tough S.O.B. We were complete opposites, the Playboy and the Hayseed. I never knew a man like Dante Pastorini. And there never will be another like him.”

Carl Mauck, Oilers teammate

“We could not have respected Dan Pastorini more. He kept getting up. We probably hit Dan more than we hit any quarterback we played. He always showed up. He gave his team everything. When they traded Dan, things started going downhill for the Oilers.”

“Mean” Joe GreenE, Steelers Hall of Famer

“Jimmy Page once told me, ‘It’s better to live one day as a lion than a thousand years as a mouse.’ Dan Pastorini lived everyday as a lion. He was a Renaissance man. He was James Bond. He was a rock star.”

Mark Bowman, Photographer/Friend

“Dan was a good teammate and a good guy. He played with passion. He had the toughness to continue playing despite a number of injuries, and you always knew he was going to give everything he had. He had a great arm and was a classic pocket passer. We all kidded him that he couldn’t run worth a lick.”

Ted Thompson, Green Bay Packers GM

“Dan Pastorini had a larger than life personality. I was around the Oilers locker-room as a 20-year-old kid at the University of Houston, rounding up quotes. I got to know him a lot more after his playing days and really saw how much he impacted peoples’ lives. He had the persona of a swashbuckling Hollywood leading man. He had that kind of swagger and was that kind of character. Dan had a special aura at a special time for football and in the City of Houston. I always thought it was appropriate that Dan became an accomplished race car driver after his playing career, because he did everything at warp speed. His story is a study in coping with stardom and celebrity in that era, and dealing with all the adversities and difficulties that go with it.”

Jim Nantz, Voice of CBS Sports

“I just finished reading your book. Thanks for the personal note inside. It means a lot to me. The book was well written, entertaining, easy to read and truly enjoyable, and I was mostly impressed with your frank and candid openness about both your good and tough times. I don't know if I have the courage and confidence to share the same about me in a public arena. You have lived a unique, interesting and exciting life, and I admire your desire to share all of it with us — the good, the bad, the ugly, and most important, the life lessons learned. You should be very proud of the book. Congratulations! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your friend, Steve”

Steve, Friend




Many authorized biography books hit the market with the majority of the storyline and recollections told by third parties. Not so, here. Dante Pastorini tells his entire story straight from the heart and directly from his personal, “matter of fact” recollections at his remarkable life.

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