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Pastorini to speak at ACC Foundation Author’s Luncheon

February 23, 2012

Former Houston Oiler quarterback and drag racer Dan Pastorini will speak at the Alvin Community College Foundation’s  Author’s Luncheon on April 11 at the Nolan Ryan Center.

Pastorini, 62, will talk about his book, Taking Flak: My life in the fast lane, which chronicles his time as an NFL star who helped modernize the quarterback position. He was the first to wear a flak jacket when he played injured with three ribs. He also threw a controversial pass in a game that led to instant replay use in the NFL.

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Joanne King Herring draws bling to book signings, hot models help gents shop & Dan Pastorini charms the ladies

December 16, 2011

Telling it all... Retired NFL great and Houston Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini, still charming the ladies, was on at Tootsies the other night, when he signed copies of his book Taking Flak, My Life in the Fast Lane.

Joining him in the spotlight was sports writer and 610 AM radio personality John P. Lopez, who helped Pastorini pen the tome, the title of which comes from the fact that Pastorini was the first quarterback to don a flak jacket to protect three shattered ribs.

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On the Beat With Dan Pastorini - Part 1

December 13, 2011

A couple weeks ago, Scott, Matt and I went to see the Houston Texans play the Atlanta Falcons. Once in Reliant Stadium, Matt noticed a book-signing. As we walked to it, I was ecstatic to see Dan Pastorini signing copies of his book, Taking Flak.

I was a huge fan of his as I was growing up. The Houston Oilers picked Dante with their first pick in the 1971 NFL draft (3rd overall behind Jim Plunkett and Archie Manning). For the next nine years, Pastorini quarterbacked the Oilers, helping turn the team from a doormat to a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

His toughness on the field was undeniable as he either played through injuries or rushed back from them. He even wore the first flak jacket to protect his battered and broken ribs. Oh and he also punted for several seasons.

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From Lanny Griffith,

Karen (Karen Henry, The PR Boutique),

Thank you so much for sharing Dan Pastronini with us this morning. It was such a great break from news of the day. He was super nice and posed for countless photos with the staff. His book signing info is on our web page, More pics are going up on our Facebook Fan page this afternoon. We really enjoyed seeing him and reading parts of his book.

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Dante Pastorini on the NHRA, New Contracts and Old Players

December 4, 2011

Dan Pastorini made things happen on the NFL field when he was a quarterback for several teams including the Houston Oilers and Oakland Raiders. Pastorini has written a book about his experiences. His new book, Taking Flak — My Life in the Fast Lane, is the first time Pastorinni has talked about the whole story from his life. Dan Pastorini changed the way NFL quarterbacks played the game, donning the first Flak Jacket to protect three shattered ribs. He may need another kind of Flak jacket to protest himself from the people he talks about in his book.

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Pastorini says his book Taking Flak was ‘soul-cleansing’

November 13, 2011

Dan Pastorini played quarterback in the NFL during an era of rock-hard artificial fields, rock-ribbed defenses and precious few rules protecting passers but emerged with his faculties more or less intact.

And that, he found as he began work on his autobiography, was something of a mixed blessing.

Pastorini, 62, recalls the highs of the Oilers’ Luv Ya Blue era and the lows of five failed marriages, two bankruptcies and a DWI conviction in Taking Flak: My Life in the Fast Lane, written with KILT (610 AM) talk-show host and former Chronicle columnist John P. Lopez.

“There have been some very good memories and some painful ones,” Pastorini said. “I had a situation with my brother-in-law where he stole money from me. There was a boating accident (that resulted in two deaths). Talking about lost loves, talking about old friends and teammates, that was a fun memory. So there’s a mixture of the good, bad and ugly.”

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Taking Flak excerpt: Pastorini relished the chance to be the life of any party

November 13, 2011

Dan Pastorini’s memoir, Taking Flak: My Life in the Fast Lane, officially will be released Thursday. The book, written with KILT (610 AM) talk-show host and former Chronicle columnist John P. Lopez, includes passages covering Pastorini’s wild life with the Oilers during the Luv Ya Blue years.

We had a wild group of guys. In any other environment, we couldn’t have all gotten along the way we did. I could walk into that locker room anytime I wanted and when I looked around the room, I could point to a racist, a religious fanatic, a thief, a deviant and just about every other kind of character imaginable. But once we were together we were a special team.

That’s what made us the Oilers. Everyone wanted to be around us and we enjoyed being around everyone.

Our post-game hangout was Vic Taylor’s Name-Dropper Club. One of the girls I dated during the season was named Marcia and Marcia didn’t like that there were other girls I dated. I had several beers when Marcia came into the Name-Dropper Club and started yelling at me. Of course, I yelled back and we took it outside, screaming at each other. She called me a few choice names, then slammed her car door shut and tore off toward the front of the club and the street. (Carl) Mauck and some of the guys were giving me a hard time about getting told off, so I thought, screw it. If you want to end this, let’s end it in style. I took my beer mug, grabbed it like a football and hurled it at her car as she sped off. The mug probably went 60 yards in the air, over some power line and crashed into the back window of her car, shattering the glass. It was a great throw.

When I turned back toward Carl and the guys, he told me, “That’s the best throw you’ve ever made.”

Whenever we walked into a bar or a party, we made sure we had a good time.

I went to a party that was supposed to be a nice birthday celebration for a friend, but wound up smoking some pot and jumping in the pool with two girls who wanted to have some fun. The pool had a stone archway bridge over the middle. Someone ordered a Mariachi group to play for the party, so the Mariachis stood on the bridge watching, playing their guitars, trumpets and singing in Spanish, as more people started jumping into the pool and an orgy practically broke out. The whole time we had our fun, clothes coming off, water splashing everywhere, the Mariachi group played.

Girls were special to me. I wanted to date ’em all. I didn’t really want to have one exclusive girl. It was like everything else in my life, I wanted to be the best. When it came to conquests, I wanted to be the best at it. I wanted to be the best drinker. Whenever a girl wanted to make me her one and only, I would leave. I don’t know why. I had a better overall attitude toward life and football when I was just messing around, rather than being in a relationship. All over town, I had the reputation of being the guy you wanted at your party, because I always wanted to make sure it was the best party and everyone had fun. I showed up at a bar one night with a friend that I’d just met and each of us downed about eight martinis. We sat there telling stories, getting to know each other and getting drunk. The bartender finally told us, “You guys probably have had about enough.”

I told him, “Sure, no problem.”

When we got up to leave, the bartender asked if we needed a cab. I told him, “Nope, he’s right here.”

And I hopped into the backseat of a cab. My new friend hopped into the front seat. He was the driver of the cab. I had taken a cab from another party and I wasn’t done partying just yet, so I convinced the driver to come in and have a few drinks with me at the bar. I did that often. I wanted to make sure everyone had fun if they were with me and I always had a soft spot for people who worked long hours at thankless jobs. I tipped heavily.

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Pastorini book holds nothing back, set for November release

September 28, 2011

Former Houston Oilers quarterback Dan Pastorini’s book — Taking Flak: My life in the fast lane, which was co-authored by John P. Lopez and will offer revealing and entertaining details on Pastorini’s remarkable life, has been scheduled for a mid-November release to retailers and online.

For nearly 30-years, Pastorini repeatedly has been approached to tell the behind-the-scenes story of Luv Ya Blue, his playboy lifestyle, life as a drag racer and offer inside perspective on his gluttonous NFL life and volatile relationships with the likes of Al Davis and Bud Adams.

As part of what Pastorini called, “a cathartic journey” back from the lowest of lows, Pastorini decided finally to put in print his story.

In Taking Flak, Pastorini rises from his days as a legendary California golden boy and reveals an indulgent, brilliant, funny, cursed and humbling story.

Pastorini changed the way NFL quarterbacks played the game, donning the first Flak Jacket to protect three shattered ribs. He threw perhaps the most fateful pass in playoff history, a controversial championship moment that led to use of NFL replay. He was involved in a tragic speedboating accident. He beat “Big Daddy” Don Garlits and all of drag racing’s best. He was the hero in the most triumphant return an NFL team ever received. He married a Playboy model and posed for Playgirl. He dated Farrah Fawcett and was the most iconic figure in a Wild West era when Texas oil boomed and gluttony prevailed.

Taking Flak, like Pastorini, holds nothing back.

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I want to thank Dante Pastorini for writing such a profound and wonderful autobiography. I've read many many books by athletes over the years (love football!), and have always been disappointed in the arrogant “me, me, rah, rah” that goes on & on. Dan, on the other hand, grabbed my heart. Not so much in the beginning — just thought it was going to be more of the same — but halfway through the book, I realized he was truly writing from the heart. He’s a man of integrity, and it most certainly shows in his willingness to share such intimate details of his life with all of us. His story touched my heart to the core. I would recommend his book to ALL sports fans!!!

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